What are the Benefits of Secondary Glazing?

Whether it is installed within a house or a modern resort, an option for just one home window in a flat or hundreds of home windows in a manor house, second glazing supplies a range of benefits to property owners throughout the UK.

What is second glazing?

To comprehend the advantages of second glazing, it helps to know specifically what it is – and just how it varies from routine solitary or dual glazing

In short, second glazing consists of a different pane of glass fitted on the inside of your home window. It leaves a gap of air in between the existing home window and also the pane itself, with complete sealing around the additional glazing panel.

Secondary glazing can be fitted to solitary or double-glazed units as well as provides all the same benefits of dual glazing with no of the included inconvenience. Unlike dual glazing, there is no requirement to remove the existing home window. So, no pricey replacements and no time wasted.

The benefits over single glazing

This unique layout makes for a variety of benefits of second glazing. These benefits are particularly clear when compared to solitary glazing. Frequently discovered on duration homes where substitutes are bothersome, single glazing is delicate and thin, ruining easily and allowing warmth to escape. However, also the most bothersome home windows can be reinforced across the board using second glazing, which hands down a variety of advantages:

Added security

Windows are just one of the most typical factors of access for intruders. Delicate, single-glazed home windows– or insecure double-glazed units– will certainly make your residential property easy target. Whether it’s a rogue football or something extra scary, these home windows can conveniently be damaged, leaving your house open to the world.

By including secondary glazing, you can see to it any type of home windows are combating fit. With a discreet, added layer of defense, you’ll have the ability to relax very easy understanding your home is much more safe and secure against any kind of potential burglaries.

Enhanced thermal insulation

Feeling the cool in your home? Sick of costly heating costs? Secondary glazing can help you achieve financial savings of 60 per cent in thermal efficiency. Not just will that assist you decrease gas costs, it will cut down your carbon impact as well.

The second panel supplies effective insulation for your home windows, with a totally sealed panel creating an air-tight space between your home and the outdoors.

Noise reduction

Whether it’s noisy neighbours, constant traffic or loud commercial estates– there’s always some type of unwanted sound from outdoors. Thankfully, additional glazing provides an easy solution to this frustration.

The second pane of glass and air space work as an added audio insulation barrier. By enhancing the gap slightly, you can even improve the level of sound insulation on offer. This is ideal for older residential properties where the home windows can not be replaced, however you still need to decrease the excess sound entering your residence.

Remove condensation

Condensation types when wetness is attracted to the cool surface area on the within your home windows. It’s a typical problem on the inside of single-glazed windows due to their chilly interior surface area. Nevertheless, it can additionally be a discouraging concern for improperly sealed double-glazed home windows when the condensation types in between both panes of glass leaving an unpleasant mist.

Additional glazing can quit condensation in its tracks. The internal seal stops moisture getting through and also stops the glass from getting too cool in the first place.

Environmentally friendly

Replacing home windows with uPVC double glazing can be pricey. As well as how much damage it can create to the atmosphere. uPVC production as well as disposal result in extreme energy usage, unnecessary waste and also the launch of poisonous chemicals.

Second glazing, on the various other hand, is an eco-friendly choice. Due to the fact that you simply add another pane, there’s no requirement to remove the existing home windows as well as throw away any type of fittings, glass or panes.

Easy to mount

One of the greatest advantages of secondary glazing is that it’s so very easy to mount. No intrusive installation, no major disruptions and no need to obtain intending approval. Simply a simple, quick option that can make your house extra comfortable as well as safe.

Secondary glazing is highly versatile

The benefits of secondary glazing do not stop there. Among the key plus factors is that it’s highly versatile. Panels can be tailored to suit any kind of home, including residential or commercial properties that already have dual glazing.

Heritage residential or commercial properties

Most importantly, second glazing has actually ended up being a prominent option for heritage as well as provided buildings. In these secured houses, proprietors are commonly not allowed to change home windows or need to make an application for planning approval to make outside modifications to windows and also the structure.

Nonetheless, as secondary glazing is an interior, detachable function, you do not have to bother with any type of limitations. There’s no demand to get rid of any type of existing, conventional window structures and also the discrete additional panel is hardly obvious. Luckily, this enables you to maintain the charm, character and charm of your home.


With the option of Do It Yourself or expert installation, the cost of secondary glazing installment can be tailored to fit your demands. It will certainly likewise decrease your home heating expenses over time, making it extra cost-efficient to run your residence or industrial residential property. You can even avoid costly replacements and also any kind of unneeded disruption to your everyday life.

Experience the advantages of secondary glazing

Whether it’s thermal effectiveness, sound decrease or a mix of advantages, secondary glazing comes out on top every time. The most effective way to really find the benefits is to try it out for yourself. Contact Stepney Glazier for all your Glazing needs.

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