Retrofitting Original Windows in Historic Structures

Noted and historical structures require some additional attention when it comes to including energy efficient enhancements to their windows, however we might all make with enhancing the efficiency of our homes. By adding improvements to the existing windows, you can save yourself money along with saving the planet.

What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the addition of enhancements to a residential or commercial property to decrease energy usage. Retrofitting energy efficient enhancements to your initial windows will extend the life of historic and standard structures while making them consume less energy, for that reason being more eco-friendly.

Why do we need to retrofit older buildings?

Scotland had numerous conventional buildings, with structures built prior to 1919 comprising roughly 19% of the overall structure stock. As well as this, numerous interwar residential or commercial properties have solid walling, meaning that over half of all of Scotland’s houses are energy inefficient. Over 40% of our CO2 emissions originates from existing structure stock.

Listed and standard structures are typically deemed to be hard to treat, and preparing controls associated with listed buildings usually create concerns in getting funding for updating plans. As such, it is important to look into retrofitting procedures that work within the planning constraints of your structure.

Windows often account for large locations of walling in standard houses and tenement flats. It’s a function that we like; however they can be massively ineffective. Regardless of this inadequacy, keeping your original windows in tact is almost always the very best way to ensure the look, feel and character if your residential or commercial property, while reducing the building and construction waste connected with installing replacement windows. Initial windows are usually made of superior quality materials, ensuring that they will stand the test of time better than their contemporary equivalents.

We utilize U worths to determine how efficient a material is as an insulator: the lower the number, the better an insulator the product is. Single glazed windows are an extremely bad insulator with a U worth 5.5. Including heavy lined curtains to your windows can bring this down to 3.3. Shutters can bring this down to 2.2.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing often has a little a bad credibility. Metal-framed glass windows, or moldy acetate, affixed with awful hinges do little to counter this.


Initial sash windows assisted a house to breathe, however they were not implied to be draughty. As time passes the wood of the sash window ends up being distorted, leading to spaces of as much as a combined 10 inches squared! Draught-proofing is for that reason among the easiest and most efficient methods to increase the energy efficiency of your house by fighting unchecked air flow.

This can involve making use of brush strips fitted to parting beads, baton rods and meeting rails, and can likewise involve routering out new units or brand name brand-new beading. This can trigger issues to your original windows, as such intrusive treatments undoubtedly deteriorate the wood of the window and can result in more warping, or dropped sashes. Glaze & Save InvisiSeal ™ is another alternative: an innovative homogenous silicone that seals the draughty locations of your doors and windows before discretely drying like rubber. Most importantly, InvisiSeal ™ is entirely non-invasive, meaning that your windows stay completely intact, all while being nearly completely undetectable.

Draught-proofing will not reduce the U worth of your windows; nevertheless it will seal off some of the air flow in your home, enabling you to reduce your energy intake and enjoy a less draughty house.

Window Movies

Among the quickest ways to deal with tricky original windows, or to add some additional privacy, glare decrease of cooling functions is by the addition of window movies.So there you have a few ways in which you can tackle retrofitting the initial windows of your historic buildings. Keep in mind: retrofitting original windows is almost always more expense reliable and produces much better repayment times than installing replacement windows. So preserve these integral parts of your structure’s history and character, while saving yourself some money at the exact same time.

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