As the nights draw in and temperature levels drop and we begin to prepare for the start of winter, we require to be conscious that burglars frequently strike under the cover of darkness.

Research shows that in the UK, burglars strike every 40 seconds. Families with children are likely victims and 56% of thefts happen during the night!

You are six times most likely to be burgled without both window locks and double locks or deadlocks on outdoors doors. 73% of burglars use doors to go into a residential or commercial property and in 3% of cases the door is unlocked!


  • Keep in mind to lock all doors and windows
  • Fit an alarm system and ensure it shows up to potential thieves
  • Keep valuables and all home and car keys out of sight
  • Fit outside security lighting
  • Join your local Neighbourhood Watch plan
  • When recycling fold up any packaging that offers an idea to what your home consists of
  • Take care what individual information you share on social media (such as telling everyone when you are going on holiday).
  • Make your home appearance inhabited while you are out or away on holiday by utilising lights on timers and asking a trusted neighbour or relative to pop in and inspect everything is OK.

Home Security Tips.
Development use high security shoot bolt locking on all their windows, Storm, Storm 2 and Flush, to keep you and your house safe. Our high security window locks engage on 3 sides of the opening casement to offer optimal protection against intrusion. The opposite of the opening sash is made protected by fitting security SAC bolts. Advancement likewise uses a range of locking manages for additional security on your windows.

The cylinders utilised are also high security and boast functions such as anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-pick and anti-bump to assist keep undesirable burglars at bay and to keep your house safe and safe and secure for many years.

All of our windows, doors and locking mechanisms are guaranteed for 10 years for included peace of mind.

Sheffield Glazier – We are here for all your Glass Replacement Windows.

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